Кitten With А Sweet Face Finds Тhe Right Family Тo Нelp Нer Тhrive

While an animal welfare group was working on a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) programme last month, this adorable cat was discovered all by herself on the chilly streets.

The kitten was transferred right away to Meow Village, a wild cat rescue facility in Aurora, Oregon, to give her a better life.

Meow Village addressed:

She was observed by a TNR rescuer capturing cats for spaying and neutering. The kitten needed to be examined further, that much was clear. Within hours, she was in the arms of a volunteer at Meow Village after a few calls were made.

When the little girl arrived at the rescue center, they noticed that she had a cleft lip, walked a little shaky and was malnourished. Selina, a volunteer, did not hesitate to help her.

At the rescue facility, critical or special needs kittens are never turned away since they should have the same opportunity as other cats. The young girl felt better after taking a warm bath to get rid of the fleas; she then ate to satisfaction and slept off in her new bed.

As Selina put it:

“This cat is affectionate and lovely. She consumes food and liquids well, and she quickly mastered the

The kitten was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (increased fluid in the head), blindness, and ataxia after being sent to a specialist (lack of coordination or balance). The volunteers were really concerned about this since it was highly likely that she would continue to show issues and need specialist care in the future.

Despite all these problems, the lovely fluffball seemed to be very happy with his life, and he only cared about enjoying his time.

While at the veterinary hospital, staff member Desirae completely fell for the feisty little attitude and decided to adopt her.

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