Introducing… kitten Puffball! He is the biggest of the mushrooms and is siamese like his sister Reishi.

Introducing… kitten Puffball! 🍄✨ He is the biggest of the mushrooms and is kitten siamese like his sister Reishi. He already has two darker spots on his back which makes me think he’ll have very unique coloring when he grows up! @teenytinyfosters said.

Ear wiggles and tail wiggles with kitten Puffball! Officially 2 weeks old today✨his coloring is coming in, he has white floppy ears ♡ @teenytinyfosterskitten said.

Milkies with kitten Puffball and some bonus air suckling at the end! Still can’t get over the floppy ears 😹Puffball’s colors are coming in more and more! He’s getting a little dark mustache spot on his snoot, 2 dark spots on his back, his tail is dark and some on his head but not the ear tips🍄✨ @teenytinyfosterskitten said.

(Giant) kitten Puffball the kitten 😹🍄✨ He’s still bigger compared to Truffle and may be starting to get some longer fur too! @teenytinyfosterskitten said.

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