Here’s Chata, the adorable kitten who sleeps like a human and is sweeping Instagram.

All cat lovers are aware that cats adore sleeping more than anything else.

They will nap whenever they wish, whether during the day, at night, during lunch, and even in the morning. On our beds, floors, faces, laptops, and pretty much anywhere else they can fit.

And while the laptop could be an exception, we couldn’t be happier about that since a sleeping cat is one of the most endearing sights imaginable.

And one small kitty has just made sleeping sweeter than ever!

Chata, a tiny kitten, has developed a really unique and charming sleeping position in which he lays flat on his back like a tiny person.

Chata is so impossibly cute that when pictures of his sweet sleeping position were posted to Instagram, they quickly went viral.

We are completely blown away by this little ball of joy, so obviously we’ve just had to collect some adorable photos for you!

As if Chata wasn’t cute enough, this little munchkin insists on sleeping on his back.

The adorable kitten looks like he’s trying his best to sleep like a human.

Wherever and whenever he sleeps, it’s always on his back.

Perhaps so he’s always ready to pounce!

Chata loves playing with his sister, Chava.

But definitley needs to take several little catnaps after all of their wild adventures.

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