Six Kittens Get Chance at a Better Life Together, the Love They Have for Each Other is Immeasurable

Six kittens got a chance at a better life together. The love they have for each other is immeasurable.

Penny @fosterkittenhq

Six tiny kittens were brought in to a shelter clinic in Philadelphia, desperately needing round-the-clock care. Their cat mother stopped feeding and caring for them when they were around 10 days old.

A volunteer took them on and bottle-fed them until they were three weeks of age. They were then transferred to Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA in VA) to continue their foster journey.

The mama cat was too sick to feed or tend to her babies. She was treated and spayed, and was finally on the mend.

MaioriPenny @fosterkittenhq

Penny , an experienced foster carer of AWLA, provided a comfortable nursery for the six. The kittens were all sucklers, nursing on each other, which could cause damaged tissue.

After a week and a half of getting them on a good feeding schedule with individual pens, soft blankets, and faux mama plushies, they curbed the habit.

Limoncello and LambruscoPenny @fosterkittenhq

The kittens were excellent with their bottle. Then one day, Maiori, the mostly-white calico, decided that she was ready to have big kitty food, and she never looked back.

Her sister Atrani (calico) soon joined her, while the rest of the littermates continued bottle-feeding and transitioned to solid food at their own pace.

Once the kittens started running around and playing more, they were upgraded into a spacious playpen. As soon as they saw their foster mom in the room, all six of them would swarm onto her lap and purr in unison.

The feline siblings enjoy napping in a cuddle-puddle, wrapping their legs around each other.

Penny @fosterkittenhq

The six have turned into unbridled balls of energy, romping around the house, getting into all sorts of mischief. “They are constantly chasing each other around the house and wrestling together,” Penny shared with Love Meow. “When they are tired, you can usually find all six of them cuddled up together on my lap.”

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