A Crossed-Eyed Cat Wins The Hearts Of Thousands And Raises Money For Animal Shelters

Belarus, a sweet crossed-eyed cat, had to spend some time in a shelter before finding his forever home. He’s the happiest cat ever now that he lives with his loving and caring mother Rachel, and he’s even helping to raise money for other animals in need.

We think that every creature deserves to be loved, and we are delighted that Belarus has found his forever home. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this cat the instant you see him, and now it’s your turn to meet him.

Belarus’ mother, Rachel, rescued him from a San Francisco animal shelter in 2018. Belarus has become her devoted companion since then, accompanying her from the kitchen to the shower. “With Belarus in the house, there is no privacy,” Rachel commented in an interview about her amazing cat.

Belarus assists Rachel about the house and participates in whatever she does, making every activity enjoyable, and, of course, he’s fantastic at cuddling. “When I’m on the couch watching TV or doing emails, he cuddles a lot,” Rachel explains. “He’ll make sure he’s right next to me, then fall asleep or begin cleaning himself.”

Rachel and Belarus post photos and videos from their daily lives to their InstagramFacebook, and YouTube profiles (their Instagram account now has over 390,000 followers!). With its happy ending, this cat-and-human story has once again demonstrated that appearances don’t matter, and that each and every pet is deserving of our love.

Belarus is more than simply a cute fluffy cat who makes his mom and all of his social media admirers happy. Belarus’s face can be found on hoodies, T-shirts, and other items available for purchase on a dedicated website. This platform collaborates with animal shelters to raise funds for homeless animals. Belarus, who was once a shelter cat, is now assisting other cats and dogs.

You can aid animals by purchasing Belarus-themed items, and in the meantime, check out some of Rachel’s and Belarus’s adorable Instagram images.

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