After Iosing her mother, she must survive in an industrial area by going through the dumpsters!


Thankfully, the tiny kitten was found by a kind-hearted person who quickly brought her to @evhemergencyvethospital, Perth, Australia, for the emergency care and attention she so desperately needed.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catmum_perth

 “She is thankfully healthy, but was very underweight for her age coming in at a tiny 263 grams, just shy of being 5 weeks old,” said Tara, founder of The Mad Catters Feline Rescue.

After finding out about the tiny tortie Tara quickly took her into her care and began providing her around-the-clock care.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catmum_perth

Though tiny for her age, Flick, as she was named, was very cute with a very rare split-faced look that made her stand from rest, matched by a spicy personality.

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“Her finder unfortunately didn’t leave any details other than the area she was found in so we can’t go searching for her family, but we are doing our best to track down local colony feeders in the hopes of maybe figuring out where her mumma and siblings are.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catmum_perth

Sadly, soon after arriving Flick became ill and needed to be treated for kitty flu and parasitic infections. However, unlikе most kittens who become quiet when they become ill, Flick became even more vocal, demanding Tara’s undivided attention, something she had been enjoying from day one.

“It’s been so nice having our little Flickeridoo stay over but it’s pretty clear from her sass that her other foster mum has been spoiling her.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catmum_perth

Flick’s great attitude coupled with Taras’s care meant the tiny feline was soon feeling better, charging around on all four paws despite still being slightly ill.

“Flick is doing much better but is having a bit of trouble kicking her flu infection. She’s got a lot of catching up to do in terms of growth so she still looks teeny tiny even though she is 12 weeks old now.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catmum_perth

“She’s super independent and acts much older than she is. From the start, she’s taught herself everything she needed to, and has formed some great little friendships with the other fosters here.”

Her overpowering personality and extreme cuteness have made Flick the center of attention, something she adores while making everyone instantly fall in love with her.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/ The Mad Catters

Despite her rough start to life, this tiny kitten has overcome every obstacle life has set before her as well as befriended those that look at her and those that tower over her.

“She was a solo kitten and didn’t have littermates to teach her boundaries along the way.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/ The Mad Catters

‘She has made friends with my dog and even though he is so much bigger, she’s not afraid to waltz up and get a bit cheeky.”

During this time she has grown and is now ready for a home of her very own.

sleeping kitten tortie
Photo Courtesy of Instagram/ The Mad Catters

The tiny tortie who had to go bin surfing to survivе has transformed from a very cute kitten to an outstanding princess with an equally oversized personality to match.

” Isn’t she adorable!?”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catmum_perth


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