Sеvеn Tiny Kittеns Fơưnd ơưtsidе Gеt thе Hеlp Thеy Nееd in thе Niсk ơf Timе

When seven tiny kittens were discovered all alone they were lucky that the right person came along.

Their story began when a former volunteer at Salem Friends of Felines animal shelter in Oregon was out and about when she came across a litter of seven аbаndơnеd kittens.

tiny kittens

They were definitely all alone as their mother was nowhere to be seen, the poor things were in very bad shape, they had severe upper respiratory infections and were desperately in need of medical attention.

So she scooped up the seven tiny kittens and headed for the animal shelter where they could get the help they needed.

five kittens

With lots of of care and attention from the volunteers and employees at the shelter, the kittens were soon on the road to recovery and before long were ready to be placed in a foster home.

Kayla, another volunteer From the shelter, became their foster mum and found them a cosy place in her house where they could stay warm and snuggle with each other.


The seven tiny kittens were thought to be about five weeks old, the orange tabbies were boys and all the torties were girls.

Kayla is a big fan of the film Grease so she named the kittens after characters in the film: Danny, Sandy, Frenchie, Rizzo, Kenickie, Putzie and Sonny.


The seven kittens soon adjusted to their new surroundings, it was quite different from being left alone outside.

They had soft blankets, warm beds and a constant supply of food and water.


This little family quickly came out of their shells and their personalities began to shine through.

All except for Sonny and Frenchie, they were definitely the shyest of the litter and would hide in their safe space.


Before long all of the kittens became more confident and more playful they loved exploring their space and discovering new toys.

Kayla explains this little family play, eat and sleep together in what she calls: “a sweet cuddle puddle!”

kitten train

She explains: “When I brought them home they wouldn’t even come near me, and now they are playing right next to me, we are slowly making progress. Frenchie will now come near me and occasionally even stay on my lap when I pick her up.”


Some of them have even discovered the joys of sitting on a computer keyboard, a favorite pastime of all kitties!


At times they are likе a kitten train, all heading for the food bowl at the same moment. “If one baby decides to eat, they all have to eat,” Kayla said.


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