Strаy саt аppеаrs аt Windơw Dưring Snơw Stơrm аsking tơ bе Lеt In

New York and the surrounding area is often hit with extreme weather conditions and the temperature can quickly drop below freezing.

So it can be very tough if you’re a community cat and don’t have a warm place to go.

Nathaniel lives in Brooklyn and whilst working from home on a snowy day he realized something was happening outside his apartment window.

It was then that he noticed there was a strаy cat pawing at his window, asking to come in – and who can blame her, it was freezing out there.

He immediately recognised the cat as Chunk Chunk, one of the members of a nearby strаy cat colony.

Knowing that Chunk Chunk was having the worse time of her life, Nathaniel knew he had to do something.

He had never been a cat fan, but his fiancée Renee, volunteers her time to help keep the local community cats safe.

Community cats

They first met Chunk Chunk about a year ago during another particularly cold spell.

She had shown up at their window with two kittens in tow, they managed to catch the kittens but Chunk Chunk quickly disappeared – I think she knew her kittens were in a safe place.

chunks kittens

And here she was a year later, pawing at their window asking for help.

He couldn’t leave this kitty out in the cold and snow so he allowed the shivering cat in so she could warm up on such a miserable day.

chunk chunk

“I’ve always been pretty reticent about bringing the cats inside, but I knew Renee would really want me to help Chunk Chunk out,” he explained.

“I love Renee and I knew helping Chunk Chunk was the right thing to do.”

He did manage to film her before letting her in !!

Chunk Chunk was very skittish and Nathaniel was worried that she wouldn’t get on with their dog.

chunk and dog

So he decided the safest place for her would be in the bathroom, so he put some towels on the floor to make her comfortable.


When Renee arrived home from work she didn’t seem surprised when she learned about their house guest.

chunk on pencils

“She’s been one of the friendliest community cats that I’ve ever come across,” she said.

“She’s always asking for pets and starts purring within seconds.”

belly rubs

Meanwhile, they took Chunk Chunk to the vet to make sure that she was in good health.

You can keep up with Chunk Chunk and family on Instagram

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