Despite being kicked out of the supermarket multiple times, the cat won’t leave.

He can go outside with you. You can tell him to go. But he’ll simply return. Stronger. Angrier. Fluffier.

Since last year, a strange cat has been stunning shoppers in England by routinely showing up on the shelves of one grocery store despite repeated attempts by workers to remove it.


The rebellious cat, who had already mastered his peculiar habit of loitering, being removed by security, and then strolling right back in, was first observed in the Sainsbury’s supermarket back in November.

The cat has now been asked to leave numerous times, but he still frequents his favorite store.


According to a Sainsbury’s spokesperson, “He lives in the house next door and he’s in here every day, all the time.” He is not permitted to be present.

The cat has developed a bit of an internet following as a result of his peculiar fascination, even winning the honor of being named “Animal of the Week” by Time Out London.


To local residents, however, he’s just the friendly neighborhood unauthorized shop cat.

“He was flat out on the mat yesterday by the door under the heated fans,” wrote one Sainsbury’s customer on Facebook. “Everyone was stopping to give him a tickle.”

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