Until she met her grandfather, angry cat detested everyone.

Many cat parents are well aware that it’s their cat’s world and they’re just living in it. And that’s especially true for the family of Nanoos, a feisty orange cat who pretty much hates everyone — especially kids.

“My cat hates everyone,” Reem Mohammad, Nanoos’ mom, told The Dodo back in 2022. “She hates humans. She hates other animals. She hates me. She hates everything that essentially breathes.”

But of all those Nanoos dislikes, her number one enemy is definitely kids. “She hates them so much,” Mohammad said. “I think it is because of their innocence, and they’re happy, and she doesn’t like happiness.”

The only person to soften Nanoos’ heart is her grandfather. While Mohammad has no idea why her surly cat chose to bestow all her affection on her dad, their bond is undeniable.

“The one person that she loves would be my dad,” Mohammad said. “I have no idea why, but he just happens to be that one person.”

In catching up with Mohammad and Nanoos a year later, Mohammad said that Nanoos has actually softened a bit and has less of a bad attitude.

“Nanoos’ behavior is somewhat the same, but there’s still been so much progress that has been made!” Mohammad said. “When working with [cat behaviorist] Jackson Galaxy and taking his advice, there’s been positive changes! I play with her a lot more. She doesn’t play back most of the time, but she does sometimes, which is great! I’m able to hold her sometimes without getting scratched or bitten as well!”

And granddad is still Nanoos’ favorite human. However, when it comes to her beef with kids, Nanoos is holding her ground. “Kids will always be her enemy,” Mohammad said.

Perhaps someday Nanoos will realize that cuddles and kisses aren’t so bad. But for now, she’s perfectly happy biting, scratching and keeping her family on edge — and luckily, they love her just as she is.

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