A woman’s door is visited by an Amazon driver with a box of kittens.

When Eleanor Malloy heard a knock at the door recently, she didn’t think anything of it. She was expecting a package from Amazon and figured they would leave it by the door. But the knocking didn’t stop.

“I thought it was unusual for them to knock that long,” Malloy told The Dodo. “I opened the door and said, ‘Hi, can I help you?’ The Amazon driver was standing at the bottom of my porch when he told me about the kittens.”

Apparently, the driver had been making a delivery at another house when a woman gave him a box of kittens she didn’t want. He’d noticed that Malloy had a cat and decided to ask her if she’d care for the kittens while he finished his shift and he’d come back for them later.

It definitely wasn’t the delivery she’d been expecting, but Malloy was absolutely thrilled.

“I said, ‘YEAH, DUDE! I’ll take them! Totally.’ Then I followed him to the truck, and he handed me a box with these three kittens: one buff, one orange and one brown tabby,” Malloy said.

The driver pinned Malloy’s address on his phone so he could collect the kittens later on, then continued on his way. For whatever reason, though, he never came back. Instead, Malloy became the kittens’ foster mom and threw herself into caring for them.

“There were three kittens that seemed to be around 4 to 5 weeks old,” Malloy said. “They were fairly weak, but within two days, they were up and playing!”

The Amazon kittens quickly began to thrive, and it wasn’t long before all three found incredible, loving homes. Two of them were adopted by other families, and Malloy adopted one herself. After all, they were her surprise delivery. She had to keep at least one!

Three tiny kittens was not the package Malloy had been expecting that day, but she’s so glad it turned out that way.

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