Museum Forms ‘Kitty Committee’ To Hire A Very Important Staff Member

One day, a group of employees at Skeletons Museum of Osteology decided they wanted an office pet. With all the bones lying around, they figured a cat would be a better fit than a dog, so they formed the Kitty Committee and quickly convinced management to let them welcome a cat into their work family.

As the committee headed to the Moore Animal Shelter to adopt their new friend, they debated over whom they should be looking for. A cat? A kitten? What type of feline would best fit the museum? Little did they know, Sir Indiana Bones was about to make their decision for them.

“Once we were in the cattery, we just couldn’t make our minds up,” Brenna Glover, one of the Kitty Committee members, told The Dodo. “But Indy had. Indy made sure to get and keep our attention. He would grab Kristin (a Kitty Committee member) with his paw, slink around us and give everyone the most adorable snuggles. We knew Indy was the one. He chose us.”

Once Indy had made it clear he was going with them, the shelter decided to waive his adoption fee and sent him off with everything he’d need to thrive in his new home. Even the Kitty Committee members were a little unsure of how Indy would settle into his new museum and office home, but, luckily, he made himself at comfortable almost right away — which is how he ended up with the “Sir” part of his name.

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