Stray Cat Carries Her New Babies One-By-One To Her Favorite Person’s Doorstep

When Robin Williams and her partner heard high-pitched meows coming from their porch one morning, they weren’t exactly surprised — Baby Cat, a vocal neighborhood cat, had a habit of visiting them every day, and she’d often use her voice to let them know that she was there.

“Baby Cat has been coming to our house for the past year now and has always been very loud,” Williams told The Dodo. “She would come to the door, and she would meow very loud to get our attention.”

But, this time, something about the cat’s cries was different.

The couple was used to hearing meows around their house — in addition to the stray cats who’d stop by regularly for affection and food, Williams and her partner had a cat of their own. But, within minutes of meeting Baby Cat for the first time, they could tell that she was special.

“She trusted us from the first day we met her,” Williams said. “Baby Cat was always with this older gray cat. The older cat was too scared to come and get food from the porch, but Baby Cat would walk right up to the door and get food from us.”

From that day on, Baby Cat started visiting Williams’ home on a regular basis. Before long, the couple’s relationship with the stray cat evolved from that of strangers to best friends.

“She was always willing to get close to us, and as time went on, she got more and more trusting,” Williams said. “She went from coming over for food to letting us give her pets, and then she started coming inside the house to eat food. Then, it got to the point where she would spend a lot of time in our basement, sometimes overnight.”

A few months into their routine, Williams noticed that Baby Cat — who usually had a small, slender frame — was starting to grow. The couple quickly figured out that the cat was pregnant, and they hoped that she’d trust them enough to have her babies near their house.

“We even thought that, because she spent so much time at our house, she would end up having the kittens in our basement,” Williams said.

But, just as Baby Cat would appear at their doorstep every morning, she’d always leave again at night — until, one day, Baby Cat stopped by Williams’ house for breakfast. As Williams prepared her food, she got the feeling that something was different about the cat.

“Her meows were different that morning — they were deeper and went on for longer than her normal meow,” Williams said. “We just figured that she was just really hungry, but then we went up to the window.”

Williams and her partner could see through the window that Baby Cat looked surprisingly skinny again. They turned around to grab her food, but when they opened the door a few seconds later, Baby Cat was gone.

“Then, when we put the food down, we saw her coming onto the porch with a kitten in her mouth,” Williams said. “Once she dropped off the first baby, she ran off of the porch and ran to the house two houses down, which is an abandoned house.”

You can watch that moment here:

Williams’ partner followed Baby Cat to the abandoned house in hopes of finding all of her kittens while Robins placed the first baby in a cozy bed. One by one, Baby Cat carried her kittens over to Williams.

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