Stray Сat Leads Store Оwner Тo Кitten During Тhe Сold, Now Тhey Нave New Year In Сomfort Аnd Warmth

A stray cat led a store owner to her kitten during the cold. Now, they have the New Year in comfort and warmth.

Over a week ago, L.J., the owner of Totally Rad Toyhouse in Nashville, TN, found a stray cat outside her store, that kept coming back.

L.J. wanted to get the cat into a foster home before the extreme cold weather came in. She reached out to Jenn, a foster volunteer of Metro Animal Care and Control, for help.

“She’s been trying to find a foster for her, but she didn’t know the cat had a baby,” Jenn shared with us.

“Last week in Nashville, we experienced record cold temperatures and ice/snow. The shop owner was so worried about the cat that she went looking for her.”

When L.J. located the stray, she decided to follow her. To her surprise, the cat had been caring for a kitten all along. They were living in a wooden structure where the mama had dug a deep hole for them to nestle in.

L.J. was able to break open the area to gain access to the hideout and bring them both to safety. Jenn offered to foster the mother and son duo named Pepper Potts and Jarvis.

“Saving these cats and kittens truly takes a village. I’m so glad that she took the time and did the work to help them,” Jenn told us.

Pepper and Jarvis were a bit nervous when they first arrived in their foster home. That soon changed when the two got a taste of the luxuries of indoor life.

“I won them over with treats and lots of pets, and they’re already opening up so much.”

Just a few days prior, Pepper was roaming the streets, and now she is lounging about in a comfy home with her beloved kitten right by her side.

They have grown to adore the company of their people and can’t get enough of their attention. “They greet me at the door and roll over for belly rubs.”

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