Cat Is So Happy To Be Adopted That He Brings His Mum His Slippers Every Morning

Lulu’s life changed drastically two years ago; she went from being a forlorn shelter cat to the spoiled little one of the family, and Lulu has discovered her own way of expressing thank you, bringing mom her slippers every morning in a sweet and lovely scenario.

Lulu, a 10-year-old cat, was in bad shape when she arrived at a shelter; her fur was matted and she had a variety of health issues. Lulu’s greatest wish after a year in the shelter was for the perfect someone to come along and take her home.

He met Kayla’s mother at that time, who was seeking for a new addition to her family.


Kayla posted this on Reddit:

“I attempted to persuade my mother to have a cat, but she was well aware of the situation. Lulu had been at the shelter for a year, and no one wanted her due to her health issues. She suffered renal illness and ingrown toenails as a result of living in a cramped cage. When we originally got her, she couldn’t even hop…

They knew she was the one as soon as they met the lovely tabby cat.


Lulu eventually left the shelter to go to her new home after completing the paperwork. The cat’s matted fur transformed into a gorgeous fluffy coat over the following several months, and she regained her vitality and was able to leap and jump like any other cat.

Kayla’s mother received the sweetest surprise one morning. Lulu had brought her footwear over to her bed, dropped it in front of her, and then returned to collect her second slipper, meowing proudly.

This custom became an everyday occurrence. After noticing her mother put on her slippers after waking up, the cat grabbed them up from where she had placed them the day before and carried them away in her jaws.


According to Kayla, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When it happened the first time, my mother was astonished since she was wearing the slime-covered shoes to cheer on Lulu.”

Lulu always needs to make two journeys because of her stature and the weight of her shoes.

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