Сat Finds Сomfy Рlace Аfter Roaming Оutside For Years, She Нas 2 Кittens Тhat No Оne Еxpected

A cat found a comfy place after roaming outside for years. She had two kittens that no one expected.

A scruffy, scrawny cat was spotted in a neighborhood of Montreal, Canada, in need of help. Right before she was found, a few good Samaritans were in the area trying to save another cat of the same age.

It was believed that they were sisters, but sadly, the other cat didn’t make it. Maude who learned about the situation, made it her mission to get the remaining sister off the streets.

It was a difficult area for strays to live in, and with tremendous efforts, Maude caught the cat safely with a humane trap and brought her home.

She named the cat Mulan and reached out to her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, for assistance. Mulan was just skin and bones and had an upper respiratory infection. That night, she had a roof over her head and plenty of food to fill her belly.

“She was so terrified of humans, spitting and hissing at the vet’s office. The checkup was difficult as she kept jumping on the cupboards to escape,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal, shared with us.

With treatment and bountiful food, Mulan started to heal and put on weight. She began to allow people to approach her but was still very timid around them. When they took her back to the clinic for a follow-up, they were in for quite a surprise.

“We learned that she was pregnant, and her pregnancy was advanced. A few days later, Mulan went into labor and gave birth to her first baby.”

“She didn’t seem to know what to do and just left her baby there. We put the kitten on her belly and he started nursing right away. She had a second one in the hours that followed, and we helped her find her mama’s milk, too.”

After 24 hours, Mulan’s maternal instinct kicked in. She lay with her little mini-mes all day and night, feeding and caring for them.

The kittens made excellent gains each day with their mom catering to their every need. Mulan slowly warmed up to her foster family when she realized that they meant good and were there to assist her.

She came out from her hideout as she gained courage. She let her humans handle her babies and was comfortable enough to walk a bit taller.

“Mulan was still very shy but decided to trust her foster family completely,” Celine told us.

“The kittens, Mushu and Cri-Kee, never ran out of milk from their mother. Once they were weaned, they turned into sweet, playful and very cuddly kittens.”

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