Сat Showers Нer Solo Кitten With Аffection Аfter Тhey Рulled Тhrough Тogether With Нelp Оf Family

Cat showers her solo kitten with affection after they pulled through together with the help of a family.

About a month ago, a tabby cat was surrendered to Indianapolis Animal Care Services while she was heavily pregnant. Shortly after her arrival, she gave birth to a litter of four and urgently needed a foster home.

IndyHumane, an animal rescue group, stepped up to help and took them in the following day. “She and the kittens came into foster care with me when they were two days old,” Jennifer, a volunteer of IndyHumane, told us.

The cat, Bunny, was a doting mom from the start. Among the kittens, Dash, an orange tabby, was the biggest baby of the bunch.

A few days later, things took a turn for the worse when Bunny came down with a severe upper respiratory infection (URI). It soon became clear that the kittens needed intervention, as Bunny lost appetite and couldn’t produce enough milk.

“The family went to IndyHumane’s ICU, so Bunny could get more supportive care. Despite intervention, sadly, three of the four kittens didn’t survive the URI, leaving Dash as a singleton.”

With lots of TLC, Bunny made a full recovery. Her kitten Dash powered through the ordeal, and was so happy to have milk from his mom again.

“Bunny is very attentive, so with just Dash left, she literally showers him with a lot of attention,” Jennifer shared with us. “She’s very young, so this was probably her first (and thankfully last) litter.”

Bunny has filled out so much in a few weeks, and discovered the joy of toys.

“Once she started feeling better, her playful kitten side emerged. She is very energetic, curious, and loves toys. She’s also very sweet and seeks out lots of attention and affection.”

“If I’m paying too much attention to Dash, she will push her way in between us. She is taking very good care of him and always has a watchful eye on him now that he’s out and about exploring the foster room and playing.”

Bunny who is still a kitten at heart, sometimes zooms around her room in the middle of the night or cries for attention from her people.

As a young mother, she has a ton of energy to match her fiery ginger boy. She is incredibly patient with Dash and tolerates his many antics.

“Bunny is taking such good care of baby Dash. He’s growing and hitting all of his developmental milestones right on track,” Jennifer told us.

“Dash loves to pounce on her, wrestle with her, and try to get her tail. She gently plays back.”

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