It is sо haρρу that thе кittеns wiII nеνеr haνе tо sρеnd anоthеr daу оn thе strееts.

A sweet calico is so happy that her kittens will never have to live another day on the streets.

A month ago, Salem Friends of Felines, an animal rеscuе in Oregon, took in a feline family that needed help. The mother cat had been found as a stray and her kittens were just a few days old still with their eyes closed.

Kayla, a volunteer of the rеscuе, took them into her care. She immediately noticed that the cat, Priscilla, came with an adorable smile on her face and that she constantly let her tongue hang out.

“Her bottom right canine tooth sticks out of her mouth, leaving her with what looks likе a smile,” Kayla sharеd.

“She is also missing all of her front teeth and her top right canine, so there is nothing to stop her tongue from slipping out of her mouth when she’s really relaxed.”

From the start, Priscilla was grateful for a comfortable place to raise her litter, and plenty of good food that she could eat to her heart’s content.

She was treated for some tummy issues, and as soon as she felt better, her personality emerged.

The sweet calico became very curious about her surroundings and tried to check out everything in her room. She didn’t know how to play with toys at first, but couldn’t keep her eyes off them.

It was clear from the beginning that Priscilla wanted to be loved, but didn’t understand cuddles quite yet.

Knowing that Kayla was there to help, the cat mom started to warm up to her. The calico would take a break from mommy duties, from time to time, to get brushed and petted.

Despite their very best efforts to savе all the kittens, sadly, the little ginger Winston lоst his fight. The three girls (Zelda, Effie and Bessie) made it through and began to thrive.

One day, Zelda decided to help Mom finish her canned food, straight out of the dish. She had been watching Priscilla have her meals, and gave it a try herself as if to tell Kayla that she was ready to be a big kitty.

Effie adores her mom and insists on getting extra attention from her.

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