Kittеn сan’t соntain his ехсitеmеnt aftеr bеing disсоνеrеd; hе is nоw thе ρеrfесt соmρaniоn е has aIwaуs dеsirеd.

A shy stray kitten turned out to be a ball of energy, and found the sweetest friend that he always wanted.

A family from Texas came across a tiny orange kitten wandering the streets without a home to go to. They took him in and quickly noticed that he was a bit different.

The family reached out to their local rеscuе, Murphy’s Safe Haven, when they realized the kitten would need more medical attention than they could provide. “Theodore (the kitten) was born with a cleft lip and hydrocephalus. Thankfully, his palate is intact and doesn’t have any deformities,” Audrey of Murphy’s Safe Haven sharеd with us.

“He was a bit shy at first but very quickly came out of his shell.”

With proper care, they got his medical issues under control. A few days later, the little guy’s personality bloomed, and he was no longer that quiet little kitten that they met on the first day.

As soon as he got some strength back into his tiny body, he turned into a ball of unbridled energy and just wanted to play, all the time.

Knowing how much he craved having a playmate, Audrey was on the lookout for another kitten around his age. “He was running around 24/7, so I was hoping a friend would tire him out.”

That’s when they came across a kitten named Tiny from a local shelter, who needed rеscuе. “Tiny was a single lonely kitten and had the same problem that Theodore was having — he was so full of energy and had no one to play with. I knew it would be perfect,” Audrey told us.

They brought Tiny home to fоster and right away, the two little mischief-makers hit it off and started creating all sorts of antics around the house.

“They were constantly getting into trouble every chance they could get. As a few days went by, it all got better.”

Now, the two are joined at the hip, completely inseparable. They do everything together. Theodore follows his best friend around the house and tries to pounce and wrestle with his tail.

Tiny has become very nurturing to his buddy and snuggles with him whenever he naps.

“Sometimes, Tiny will try to act likе a parent and take care of Theodore likе his baby,” Audrey told us. “He will grab toys and call Theodore over so he can have a chance to play with it.”

Tiny guards his little brother from another mother while he sleeps.

When they take Theodore to the vet for a checkup, Tiny insists on tagging along. They sharе a very special bond and Tiny has been Theodore’s biggest cheerleader.

“Tiny decided to come to the vet with Theodore for moral support,” Audrey wrote.

Theodore was treated for an infection in his mouth when he was taken to the vet yesterday. He is now back to his normal self, and his best friend Tiny is right by his side, cheering him on.

“Doctor said it’s likеly he’ll need his front teeth pulled due to the position (when he gets older).”

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