МiIIiе Тhе Аdоρtеd Сat Is Тhе Веst СIimbing Рartnеr Eνеr

Before they reached this stage, the admirable climbing pair had to overcome many obstacles, deal with several conflicts, and have many happy reconciliations.

“Millie possesses all the traits that a good climbing companion ought to have. No matter how horrible it gets, she never moans. She always pushes herself hard in an effort to rise higher. She does, however, know when to quit. CraigMillie has earned legendary status in the climbing community.

Armstrong says mountain climbing is the ideal activity for his athletic cat. But not every kitty love to climb things. “It’s taken a lot of practice and many trips to get Millie to the point where she follows me down a trail past areas likе thickets that would have distracted her otherwise.” Craig said.

Millie has had a lot of practice. Scroll down to see these photos about Craig Armstrong’s unique mountain-climbing partner.

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