Cаt Didn’t Liκе Tоуs Much Until Hе Gоt а Littlе Jееp

Frank was a peculiar little cat, as Ben Vroomans could tell when he initially got him two years ago. He didn’t want to be stroked or held at first, but as he got to know his new dad, he started to open up, and now Vroomans would rank him among the kindest, funniest cats she has ever known.

Vroomans told The Dodo, “Over the previous couple of years, we got to know one other, and he’s now got the largest personality. Still unable to pull the man up, but he is suddenly really loving. always follows me. He is my chatty little shadow and rather famous among my friends.

Credit: Vroomans

For some reason, Frank has never really had any interest in toys, but does love cardboard couches. When his most recent couch started looking a little worn, his parents looked into getting him a new one — and instead came across a cardboard jeep.

Credit: Vroomans

At first they were worried he may not likе it because it looked kind of likе a toy, but they decided to give it a shot anyway.

“He’s not a ‘toy’ cat,” Vroomans said. “He acts likе he’s beyond childish things likе that.”

Credit: Vroomans

Frank was аnxiơusly given the vehicle by his parents, and he fell in love with it right away.

Credit: Vroomans

“He loves the crap out of this thing,” Vroomans said. “Can’t get him out of it.”

Credit: Vroomans

Frank spends his entire day hanging out in his jeep for whatever reason and likеs it more than anything else. His parents find it amusing that a cardboard Jeep they bought for for $8 has caused him such delight because he is so obsessed with it.

Credit: Vroomans

Frank may not be into toys, but his parents have found other gifts he loves, and he couldn’t be happier about it.

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