МuIdеr А СIеνеr Кittеn Нas Disсоνеrеd Ноw То Оρеn Dооrs

The tabby cat in Kristian Svenson’s pet was observed secretly opening doors throughout the house in Lakewood, Colorado. Mulder, a cunning tuxedo tabby cat, likеs hanging off doorknobs to wake up his owner in the morning by opening doors likе a person.

The cat’s conduct was becoming intolerable to Svenson, so he devised a strategy to put an end to Mulder the cat. A handmade water trap was placed in front of a closed door by him. But Mulder was still unaffected by this. The small cat effortlessly leaped over the water trap and onto the doorknob. After opening the door, it entered gently.

Sven is now never safe from his cat as the intuitive moggy has actually figured out how to open doors.
Scroll down for funny video about this smart cat!

He put a homemade water trap in front of a closed door.

This wasn’t enough to stop Mulder

The swift cat is shown springing up at the handle and pulling it down with his full weight.

He then hops back down and waits for the door to open until he leaps through to the other side

The little cat calmly stepped inside.

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