Кittеn With Swееt Faсе Is Giνеn Fighting Сhanсе Аnd Dеtеrminеd То Тhriνе Аnd Liνе FuII Lifе

A kitten with a sweet face and a strong will to live was given a fighting chance. He is determined to thrive and live a full life.

Muppet the kitten was born with deformities on his face (including a cleft palate, a cleft lip) and hydrocephalus. He was in need of specialized care and someone who would take a chance on him. Despite being a bit different, he showed incredible resolve from the start.

Audrey, a fоsterer of Murphy’s Safe Haven (an animal rеscuе in Edinburg, Texas), saw the plea about the little tuxedo and immediately offered to help. “Kittens likе him can live long healthy lives if they are with the correct person that will give them a chance,” Audrey sharеd with us.

While she was on the phone with another volunteer who was picking up the kitten, she heard a strong, loud meow in the background. “I couldn’t believe it when she said it was Muppet meowing.”

Within hours after the kitten arrived at the rеscuе, they learned just how special and resilient he was. “He had such a will to live and wasn’t letting anything get past him,” Audrey told us.

Due to his cleft palate, Muppet needs to be fed safely through a feeding tube every two hours to prevent aspiration. He stays in a cozy incubator that regulates his body temperature, and has oxygen supply handy to help strengthen his lungs and ease his breathing.

The tuxedo boy is tiny but has a mighty voice. He is never shy of telling his humans what he wants, and has a voracious appetite and determination to grow big and strong.

“Muppet knows when it’s feeding time. He will wake up and stay at the front of the incubator waiting for me to feed him. And if I’m a few minutes late, he will start screaming,” Audrey sharеd with us.

The little miracle kitten is taking every day in stride and eating likе a champ. He seems so content with all the attention and help from his humans, and satisfied with his full belly after every meal.

Muppet doesn’t have eyes but has amazing instincts and incredible fighting spirit. As he grows, his other senses will develop and aid him in navigating and doing things just likе any other cat.

His fоster family celebrates his every milestone. They are amazed by his sheer will to live and how far he’s come in just a few days.

“Despite his appearance, he is full of life. He will scream his head off till he gets what he wants. Special needs kitties deserve a chance too,” Audrey sharеd.

The little warrior kitten just turned one week old yesterday. He has been putting on weight, and building muscle and strength in his legs.

Muppet is working on perfecting his balance and even trying to crawl and move around a bit. The tuxedo boy never ceases to surprise his people with what he can do.

“He’s doing so well. We’ve started him on medication for his hydrocephalus and so far it’s helping,” Audrey sharеd with us.

“Muppet is so strong and has such a unique personality. He is so full of life and he has no idea he’s different.”

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