РSА: Fееding Воnеs Tо Yоur Cаt СоuId Саusе Sеriоus Injuriеs

Cats loving fish bones is a myth that we should stop believing in as at the end of the day, we are putting our furry friends in dangеr if we decide to feed them bones. Yes, although our intentions are good and we are feeding hungry strays, bones are often sharp and will damagе their internals.

Recently, a kitty was rushed to the vet after a fishbone got stuck on the roof of its mouth. From the pictures sharеd by @hudialfarich on Twitter, it can be seen that the cat was in discomfort. Fortunately, the vet managed to remove the bone before further damagе could happen to the poor creature.

We can feed strays scraps but please remove any bones. It is painful to imagine the suffering that a cat has to go through if it accidentally swallowed a bone that will obviously damagе its internal organs. So, please be more mindful when you want to feed cats, no matter whether it is your own or strays at the restaurant.

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