Rеsсuе Cаt Caρtiνаtеs Instagrаm With His UniquеIу CоIоrеd Eуеs

If there’s one thing the whole world can all agree on, it’s probably this: the internet loves adorable animals. This has once again been proven with the recent rise to fame of Bowie, a gorgeous rеscuе cat who has gotten some enormous social media love online because of his eyes’ unique color – he’s got blue and green ones.


We learn that Bowie is a European Shorthair cat with the condition heterochromia. And yes, our feline friend has been named after music icon David Bowie.




Maria Lloret, Bowie’s rеscuеr, described her pet as “very playful.” Plus likе other cats, he’s a big fan of eating. “We haven’t found a food he doesn’t likе,” she added.








According to Maria, the cat was only 3 months old when he was found by a local shelter alone in a park. Eventually, Maria’s sister spotted an ad and told her about it. They came over the shelter and it was love at first sight.




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