“Gоd Can Dо Anуthing”: Yоung Mum Giνеs Birth tо QuadruρIеts, Vidео оf Hеr BеautifuI Kids Gоеs ViraI

A short TikTok video showed a young mother who just gave birth to quadruplets.

In the video pоsted by @blackgril234, the children were seen in a small room with their mother looking after them.

The children were dressed in colourful clothes and were lying on a small mat.

Mum welcomes four babies at once

Baby items that appear to have been dơnatеd to the children by well-wishers were seen on the floor of the room.

In another video, the mother was seen breastfeeding the children one after the other.

Apart from the children’s mother, two other ladies were available to assist in taking care of the babies.

The heartwarming video has gone viral on TikTok, and people have taken to the comment section to send the new mother congratulatory messages.

Watch the video below:

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