Abаndоnеd Cаt Finds а Nеw Hоmе аnd Bеcоmеs аn Instаgrаm Sеnsаtiоn With Its Cutе оutfits

Welcome everyone, today we’d likе to introduce you to a very special kitty named Benson. Benson is a cat that was rеscuеd and adơрted directly from the streets and his quirky personality and cute outfits have made him a true internet celebrity. (Is cat influencer even a term?)

Since arriving at his new home, Benson has been taking over Instagram. The fluffy cat has an entire wardrobe filled with exclusive pieces of clothing that match the look of his home or the places he frequents. In other words, Benson has a whole wardrobe filled with seasonal clothes, and his pictures are sure to put a smile on your face!

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Bored Panda reached out to Benson’s owners.

“We found Benson 5 years ago, he was roaming the streets of Dubai. His old family moved away and left him behind, so we adơрted him and brought him to the USA.

He loves his dad and his tuna, he is quite a calm and patient kitten. After adơрting Benson, we soon came to notice that every time a camera was pointed at him, he would stop moving and sit very still! However, taking videos of him got difficult and we tried our luck with some glasses. Benson took to them absolutely immediately.”

“After a while, we got a little bold with clothes, and then even hats. He was sporting a whole look except for the shoes. He absolutely hates any type of socks and shoes. Every morning he waits for the alarm to ring and then he follows my husband around everywhere. He watches him get into his car and when it’s time for my husband to be back, Benson sits by the door waiting.”

Source: boredpanda.com

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