Baby Black Kitten Mews in Distress and Melts Hearts Everywhere

A baby black kitten mewed in distress when rеscuеr Robin Seplut found him on the street. Someone аbаndơnеd him with a group of feral cats, most likеly thinking they would care for him. However, the feral cats weren’t interested in helping the baby.

Although at first, some of the adult cats were curious, others were cold; swatting at the black kitten when he approached mewing.

Fortunately, Seplut was there offering a helping hand that day. At this young age, the kitten wasn’t fearful and enjoyed being petted. But, this black kitten was hungry, and he continued to meow loudly.

A tiny black kitten in the grass. Images via YouTube/Robin Seplut

A Little Black Kitten Crying for Help

For those who love cats, something pulls at the heartstrings when you hear that sound. The tiny, helpless meows combined with those bright blue kitten eyes, the sweet innocence of these little helpless fluffballs. It’s just too much, and you can’t look away. We are at their mercy.

Hardwired into our brains, this sound of babies and kittens crying triggers a need to respond. When we hear it, our maternal or paternal instincts come rushing forth, and we melt. We become overcome with the need to love and protect the baby, whether human or animal. Certainly, there’s nothing selfish about this desire to protect and nurture another living being. It’s a beautiful, loving instinct.

Adorable Eating Noises

Then, Seplut introduced a container of food for the black kitten. Fortunately, the baby was just old enough to eat solid food, immediately chowing down. (see video below)

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