Wоmаn Rеscuеs κеvin thе κittеn in а Trее, Thеn Hе аdоpts thе Fаmilу

One day, an orange tabby kitten later named Kevin got stuck in a tree, meowing loudly for help near the home of sympathetic Ashley Pennington. Soon afterward, he moved right in, becoming a permanent part of the family, to their initial surprise. It’s almost likе the kitten had a plan.

We often see stories where cats do seem to choose their family and not the other way around. For example, sometimes, cats seem to know their person the moment they see them in a shelter. Could it be possible?

Recently, we shаrеd the story of Bruiser, an older cat in a shelter who immediately walked over, climbed up, and hugged a woman around the neck when she arrived. Perhaps, he knew she would return one day to give him a forever home, which she did. 

Likewise, the day Kevin showed up, the family would never be the same.

While going outside to walk the dog, Pennington heard a faint meowing sound. Unable to determine where it was coming from, she continued on the walk. On returning home, the sound was louder, and she eventually zeroed in on the tree. There, Kevin, the tiny kitten in distress, had let curiosity get the best of him.

Screenshot via YouTube/LoveMeow

The kitten was so high up it took a ladder to get him down. But Pennington managed to rеscuе the kitten. That’s when Kevin’s plan kicked in. Immediately, he started rubbing against her legs, following her to the house. Then, the kitten literally laid down on the welcome mat outside the front door.

Otis, the family dog, was immediately friendly to the tiny kitten. Now, all Kevin had to do was wait for an opening.

Kevin Makes Himself at Home

Seeing the front door left ajar, Kevin made a run for it and went into the house, evading capture. A concerned Pennington suspected her husband Jared, who was inside sleeping, wouldn’t be keen on the idea of another pet. In the meantime, she began asking around the neighborhood and looking on Facebook to see where the kitten belonged. 

While she was sitting, the kitten made himself at home on her lap, cuddling and kneading with his tiny paws. Oh yes, he was working his kitten magic. But then, Jared woke up.

Unfortunately, Pennington’s hunch that her husband wouldn’t want another pet was correct. At first, he wanted her to call the local shelter about the cat. Nevertheless, Kevin was undaunted and began working on him too, and it didn’t take long. Soon, he was napping on Jared’s lap too.

“About 20 minutes went by and my husband was outside playing with the kitty. ‘I’m going to call you Kevin,’ he said,” Ashley said.

By now, Kevin was a part of the family; they just didn’t know it yet. The next day, Pennington checked with the shelter, asking for a call if someone inquired about a tabby kitten. Of course, that never happened. 

On Pennington’s TikTok, she says her account has been “taken over by Kevin🐈and Otis🐶.” There, she shаrеd the story of telling her husband about a rascally kitten in the house.

Today, they continue to cuddle up, although Kevin is a lot bigger now. 

Source: coleandmarmalade.com

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