Rеscuеr Finds Hеr ‘Sоul Cаt’ аftеr Finding Blind κittеn оlliе in а Bеаr Dеn

Rescuers sаvеd Ollie and his two siblings from a bear den on a wild animal sanctuary in 2018. Sanctuary staff had waited for the mother cat to return, but sadly, she never came back. Then, Jen Koscheka, who worked at the sanctuary, fell in love with him right from the start. Today, she considers Ollie her “soul cat.”

Images via Instagram/blindollie

At the time, Ollie and his siblings were two weeks old and needed round-the-clock bottle feeding. Unfortunately, his eyes never developed fully, and he was blind from birth. Later, a veterinarian diagnosed a congenital condition called microphthalmia in the left eye. Furthermore, he had anterior segment dysgenesis with adherent leukoma in his right eye. As you can see, the eye appears likе a “galaxy” of colors.

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