Mаn Stоps Cаr tо Hеlp κittеn аll аlоnе аnd Gеts аmbushеd bу Twеlvе Mоrе!

Robert Brantley saw a little cat alone by the road on his way to the shooting range after work.

He helped because he saw the cat was quite young and thought it wouldn’t survivе the night.

He said: “my wife has been wanting a cat for the farm, so I figured I’d stop and rеscuе the thing.”

Next was unexpected.

After rescuing the kitten, six more ran out of the roadside bushes toward him.

“Oh my my, there’s more!” he exclaimed on film. “I can’t.”

More! More kittens emerged from the bushes to “ambush” him.

Robert said, “Kitten issue.” “Who would?”

He couldn’t leave the kittens. “Thought I sаvеd one. Wow!”

Kittens ambushed!


He then began to try and get all the kittens into his car. Each time he would get one in, two would jump out.

In the end he kept the door shut and began to funnel the kittens into the car via an open window.

Since posting the videos on social media they have all gone viral and Robert has received much praise from all over the world for saving the kittens.

“Thank you to all those offering to help,” he posted on Instagram. “I’m working on getting them all a good home! The kids are loving on them in the meantime and we’re fattening them up!”

As well as all the good advice, people also sent in kitten supplies.

“Thanks to everyone who offered advise and supplies. You’re part of this too!”

Robert will keep Scout, the first one he saw, and possibly two more.


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