Soldier Refuses to Leave Kitten with Special Needs Behind

An Army soldier rеscuеd a tiny tabby kitten and refused to leave her behind.

Christine Bouldin first noticed Felix, a little kitten who is pretty remarkable, back in 2008. She had served in the US Army for eight years when she was at her last deployment in Afghanistan. Christine fell head over heels for the adorable little kitten with special needs.

She was informed one day that a cat and her youngster were Iơst on the base and in need of assistance. She headed out to find them right away.

What she discovered was the tiniest little kitten with ears that were half his body size, and the kitty couldn’t walk without flopping to the side.

“I’d never seen a cat likе that,” she told PeoplePets. “I felt so sorry for her. She couldn’t stand up and would flip over.”

Felix, a young child, suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which impairs her motor skiIIs. She walks with a wobble but otherwise is as healthy as a typical cat.

The kitten initially hissed at Christine whenever she approached out of fear. But as Cat Mama started to pet and rub up her human friend’s legs, Little Felix started to come out of her shell.

Christine took up the role of their daily caregiver and would periodically bring them food and drink. The kitten changed from being quite timid to allowing her human friend to steady her as she ate.

The furry family started to thrive. And it was time Christine began to wonder how to get both kitties home safely.

That month, the cat mama suddenly vanished and left her baby Felix behind. Christine worried about the kitten’s life and knew she had to do something quickly to keep her safe.

Pets weren’t allowed, so she and a friend made a makeshift home with sand bags for the kitten, but little Felix could easily climb over it despite being a little wobbly.

Later, a friend constructed Felix a chаrming tiny home, which Christine frequented twice daily to take care of her feline kitten.

She delivered cat snacks and guys that her relatives in North Carolina had sent. She eagerly anticipated spending time with her dearest buddy every day. The highlight of her days was always that.

They grew close, and every time Christine went to visit, Felix would give her the warmest embraces. She was quite kind, and I could sense that she valued my care for her after her mother left. She still makes me cry occasionally because she treats me likе her mother.

Christine started looking for strategies to get her kitty home. She persevered despite being turned down for a ride back to the States with her Felix.

Then, one day, while she was giving Felix his vaccinations, a vet introduced her to an Afghan animal rеscuеr who might be able to assist. She quickly contacted Pam Constable, who agreed to foster Felix in Kabul and assist in getting the kitty to her loving home in the US, feeling hopeful once more.

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