Street Performer Ignored by Everyone Until Four Encouragement Kittens Arrive

Although cats have a reputation for being distant and indifferent, true cat lovers know this is completely untrue!

A chаrming encounter with a Malaysian street performer made the world aware of cats’ capacity for compassion.

Although rеjесtion is nothing new for musicians when it comes to playing, that doesn’t make the experience any less demoralizing.

That was unquestionably the situation with the Malaysian busker who was performing one evening to a bored crowd while singing and playing the guitar.

People passing by the musician on the street did not pay him any attention.

He was shocked to see a very unexpected bunch of followers just when he though nobody was interested in watching or listening!

Screenshot via Youtube

The guitarist was being watched by four cats as they pranced up to his feet.

Right on cue, the cutest audience showed out to support him!

The world could see the adorable scene because it was recorded and uploaded online.

In the video, the musician is seen serenading the kittens as they look up at him with love and devotion.

Screeshot via Youtube

The kittens gave him their whole and undivided attention as they were enthralled by the spectacle.

The performer waves at the kittens and expresses gratitude to his newest followers for their love and support once the song has concluded.

Since then, the video has garnered millions of views on social media and won over hearts everywhere!


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