Particular Needs Cat with “Sad Face” Proves to the World That Diversity Is Beautiful

Meet Toby, a cat with special needs who is proving to the world that being unique is admirable!

Toby suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a congenital collagen abnormality that alters the body’s composition, structure, and amount of collagen.

Toby’s unusual appearance is due to EDS, commonly known as feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA).

Due to his weakened skin structure and suppleness, his condition makes his skin look wrinkled and saggy.


When Georgina and Christopher first saw Toby’s picture on the RSPCA website in 2018, they became aware of his condition.

Before meeting him, we were unaware about EDS; instead, Georgina told MeowAF, “We just knew he needed a loving home and we had so much love to give.”

At the RSPCA in Strout, England, Toby, age six, and his brother Quinton were available for adơрtion.

At the time, Quinton was 7 years old and was toothless.


Georgina remarked, “I noticed them on the RSPCA website and fell in love with their lovely tiny cheeks.

Despite being devastated by the loss of their last cat, Herbie, Georgina and her fiancé Christopher decided it was time to open their hearts to a new cat.

They visited the RSPCA to meet the cute couple in person after seeing them online.

It was instant chemistry!

The brothers, however, were incredibly shy and averse to social situations.


Toby was hiding behind Quinton and they were all crowded together in fear.

Toby and Quinton’s trust would be hard to win, but Georgina and Christopher were prepared for the challenge.

They welcomed them into their house and adơрted them both as a bonded couple.

Quinton stuck out his paw to Toby’s carrier in the car on the way home, Georgina recalled. “We were aware of how unique their friendship was.”


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