Rеscuе оf thе Blind аnd Wоbblу Kittеn Is Pаtiеntlу Wаiting fоr Sоmеоnе Spеciаl tо Givе Hеr а Chаncе

Meet Minnesota’s Whirlwind Natalie, a chаrming and spunky special needs kitty seeking the ideal forever home.

Despite all the challenges life has thrown at her, she always perseveres and has a positive attitude.

In the tale below, Natalie’s foster mother, Kris Kaiser, tells us all about this little but mighty kitten!


Modest beginnings
In a Facebook forum for cats with cerebellar hypoplasia, Natalie’s photo was published (CH).

Kind Katt, who found 5-week-old Natalie advertised online for free close to Okoboji, Iowa, made the post.

To prevent her from falling into the wrong hands, Katt seized her.

Then Katt announced in the Facebook group that Natalie needed to be placed with a rеscuеr who had knowledge in taking care of shaky cats.


I work as a foster parent for Kitty Revolution, a volunteer-run rеscuе, and I specialize in unsteady kittens, usually those with CH.

I believed Natalie would make a fantastic playmate for Snapple, a CH kitten I was foster-caring at the time.

We planned to pick up Natalie the following day!

Whirlwind Natalie
Due to her CH, Natalie spins, twirls, and wobbles.

She became known as Whirlwind Natalie after I added the word “whirlwind” to her name.


Natalie was treated for coccidia and a rather severe case of parasites when she initially entered my care.

After spending a few days getting to know her, I discovered she was blind.

Veterinarians have subsequently confirmed that she is blind, but that hasn’t stopped her in the least.

Natalie is so resilient and courageous!


She made herself at home right away and immediately displayed her spunky and lovely nature.

She was eager to meet Snapple, but before they could be met without risk, she needed to receive parasite treatment.

Snapple and Natalie became great buddies as soon as Natalie got the all-clear!


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