Kind Woman Persuades Hungry, Sick Kittens on the Streets to Adopt All 3 of Them

Get to know Noodle, Froggie, and Winky, three cute kittens!

A kind-hearted mom and her daughter in Arizona sаvеd these brothers from life on the streets.

Although life had not been kind to them, things were about to get better.

This gorgeous litter of black kittens wasn’t quite that “unlucky” after all!

In the interview below, their human mother Wendy details their rеscuе story in detail.

From Homeless to Homeless
My three adorable kittens came from the same litter and are all rеscuеs.

My kid discovered them outside a house and approached the person feeding them in her yard.

Despite the woman’s best efforts, it was obvious that the kittens required more than she could provide.

I was aware that they required medical care and couldn’t survivе on the streets for very long.

All three of them were allowed to be taken by her, so we took them all the way home!

I had absolutely NO intention of keeping all three kittens at the moment.

Although I needed to get them all somewhere secure, I had thought of adơрting one of them.

The following day, after making numerous phone calls, I was fortunate to locate a veterinarian who could see them straight away.

They all suffered from severe conjunctivitis, and two of them developed scarring in one eye as a result.

They were fortunate not to have any other serious medical issues.

Finally, the kittens had a secure location to live for the time being.

We gave them medicine, wholesome food, and lots of affection.

They were quickly restored to health and were bursting with enthusiasm!

As they recovered, their personalities started to come into their own.

My heart ached at the notion of parting with them or giving them away since they were so tender and kind.

I was also aware that due to prejudice and superstition, adơрting out black cats was perilous.

In addition, many had physical flaws from living on the streets that discouraged prospective adơрters.

I came to the conclusion that adơрting them wasn’t necessary.

With us, they had already discovered their perfect home.

These kitties belonged exactly where they were!

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