Blind Sеniоr Cаt Trаvеls 1300 Milеs Bеtwееn Hоmеs аftеr Bеing Rеjеctеd fоr Lifе

Meet Griffin, the cat of the month sponsored by Meow Mail!

A much is unknown about this adorable boy.

According to Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rеscuеr for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, “He was recently discarded in someone’s backyard because they were weary of dealing with him.”

Sarah had no idea that Griffin wasn’t your typical cat.

An Unusual Finding
Griffin was initially offered for sale by a breeder in Arizona but ended up at a small-town animal shelter in Arkansas.

The surviving cats, including Griffin, were going to be put to dеаth.

He was thought to be 15 years old and blind.

Griffin was adơрted by a local woman after she learned that his time was running out in order to sаvе the elderly cat’s life from being put to dеаth.

She wasn’t ready for what came next, though.

Making a backup call
Griffin was a Savannah cat, a hybrid of a domestic cat and an African serval that the woman was unaware of.

These huge cats, likе their forebears, have keen hunting instincts and high energy needs.

Griffin’s unfulfilled demand for rigorous activity made him highly disruptive while he lived inside.

Griffin was kept inside for two weeks until the mom decided to keep him outside in her backyard.

Griffin suffered from severe dehydration and siсkness due to the intense heat, and the woman was forced to give him up to Community Cats of Central Arkansas.

Sarah emailed a picture of Griffin to her veterinarian after learning the news, and the doctor recognized him as a Savannah cat right away.

When Sarah drove to the woman’s residence to get him, she was stunned by what she found.

Immediately Taking Rescue
He had degenerated into skin and bones. Sarah remembered, “It was terrible.

Griffin weighed only 7 pounds in his frail condition, when healthy Savannah cats should weigh 20 to 25 pounds.

“He weighed 15 pounds too little. Sarah said, “Pictures don’t do it justice.

He was microchipped, which Sarah also learned, so she decided to look into it.

When she learned that Griffin had initially been sold by a breeder in Arizona, she was astounded.

How did a costly exotic cat from Arizona that was 15 years old find up in a remote area of Arkansas on the verge of dеаth?

Problem resolved
She continued calling numbers from his microchip data until she discovered the answer to Griffin’s riddle.

Before finding herself in her care, Griffin had moved between five different homes.

None of his prior owners seemed to care about what happened to him or wanted him back.

He had traveled 1,300 miles in 15 years in place of having a loving, everlasting family, only to be turned down repeatedly.

He currently has two cataracts, early kidney failure, and an awful UTI.

He received IV fluids and antibiotics right away thanks to Sarah.

To get stable, he will require a special diet and therapy regimen.

Griffin is a man with a strong determination to survivе despite his circumstances. He is a warrior!

“We’re going to make sure he spends his golden years being loved and cared for,” added Sarah. “He’s made it this far.”

Griffin deserves a loving forever family that will always love him after everything he has gone through.

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