Aftеr bеing wrоngfullу firеd аnd еvictеd bу thе citу cоuncil, thе librаrу cаt еmеrgеd victоriоus аnd rеclаimеd its jоb.

When Bowser the library cat was abruptly removed from the location he had called home for many years, it caused a major uproar.

In White Settlement, Texas, the local library employed Bowser as a kitten to assist with their rodent and insect problem. Bowser was originally adơрted from the shelter as a kitten.

Soon, the helpful library cat’s responsibilities went beyond pest control.

White Settlement Public Library, with permission
He raised spirits and transformed the library into a friendly, welcoming space for both staff and patrons.

Everyone quickly developed feelings for the library’s cutest employee.

Bowser was a devoted library mascot for six happy years, but the municipal council decided he had to go.

strong opposition
Elzie Clements, a council member, mentioned that he had heard arguments against having cats at the library.

He also stated that, although being an unpopular viewpoint, he shаrеd it.

White Settlement Public Library, with permission
According to the Grizzly Detail, Clements declared that animals had no place in city buildings and other businesses.

A petition with more than 600 signatures supporting the retention of Bowser at the library was delivered to city council by Bowser’s local supporters.

Even the town’s mayor, Ron White, objected to kicking Bowser out of the library.

The majority of the city council decided to remove Bowser in spite of the community’s gallant efforts.

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