Smush thе Cаt Finds Hеr Purr-fеct Fаmilу

This kitten was born with an adorably smushed face and as it turns out, a wild personality!

She was found on the side of the road barely clinging onto life when she was about 10 days old.

She was taken to a nearby vet college where student Lindsey saw that she needed constant attention, so she took her home.

This poor little thing wasn’t eating so Lindsey had to syringe feed her every four hours.

This tiny kitten had a chance at life.

It was soon discovered that she was born with a cleft palate and some congenital deformities.

Her mother wouldn’t have been able to give her proper care so this was probably why she was аbаndơnеd.

She also had an upper respiratory infection and a severe case of ringworm.

But she was a fighter and her strength grew daly thanks to Lindsey’s care and attention.

After a month with Lindsey, she went to live with Laura, a foster mom, who gave her all the love and care she needed.

Smush loves all her siblings, especially a rеscuе greyhound named Candy whom she often sleeps with.

She certainly is a handful and can often be challenging but they wouldn’t be without her.

Her human mom says: “She has a little black spot on her neck and we call it her “devil’s kiss” because all a sudden she’ll be purring and the next minute biting you in the face!”

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