In â hơρеIеss sitưâtiơn, his hеâd shâƙing ưnсơntrơIIâbIy, thеy sее â Iơnе ƙittеn stâggеring ârơưnd thе ρârƙing Iơt!

Underweight, and clearly not doing well, he is found staggering around in a parking lot, his head shaking!

“He was discovered in a busy parking lot as a homeless loner. He didn’t even weigh half a kg at five weeks old, said Odd Cat Sanctuary founder Tara Kay. They wrote to me straight away since they knew I was an expert in these situations.

The tiny black and white kitten is immediately brought to safety and brought to the shelter’s clinic and staff witnessed his shaking. Cerebral hypoplasia, a neurological condition, was quickly diagnosed.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/The Odd Cat Sanctuary

This condition causes the kitten to stagger when he is walking along with the shaking of his head.

Thankfully, for this kitten, Ernest, the condition will not get any worse. Despite his shaking, and a little unsteadiness, he is just as healthy as any other kitten his age.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“He jumps up on his hands with a purr as soon as he sees someone, longs for affection. Knows no fear,” says Tara.

“He has a mild case of cerebral hypoplasia, in which his head bobs pretty.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/The Odd Cat Sanctuary

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