Cưtе Cat Brеaкs Intơ Fashiơn Shơw and Attеmρts tơ Piск Fights With MơdеIs

Well, they do call it a catwalk, after all.

But that did little to diminish the surprise when, smack-dab in the middle of a recent fashion show in Turkey, an actual kitty decided to take the stage — stealing both the spotlight and everyone’s heart. By force.


Folks in the fashion industry may be notoriously hard to impress, but those in attendance at the Esmod International Fashion Show, held this week in Istanbul, didn’t see this one coming. It seems the random cat’s arrival on the runway captured the crowd’s attention more than the clothes on display.

“Everybody was in shock,” fashion designer Göksen Hakkı Ali told The Dodo.

It’s unclear where the cat had come from, but her motives were pretty obvious — she wanted the full attention and admiration of the audience. And judging from her adorable little attaсks on the models passing by, those weren’t things she was willing to sharе.

Here’s video of the runway cat in action:

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