FеraI сat gеts a сhanсе at a rеaI Iifе and rеνеaIs his bеaưtifưI ρеrsơnaIity

Although our cats have no worries, the life of ferals and strays is anything but stress-free.

For these cats without a home, they scrape by with little help from humans—or no help at all. But, there are times when we form bonds with these cats and know that we must do something to change their lives for the better. For one handsome white kitty cat named Romeo, you’d never know that he was once a terrified feral cat living life out on the streets. His photos tell a different story, one that is full of happiness and not that of a cat that’s lonely with no one to love them. I caught up with his cat mom and rеscuеr, and she sharеd with me his heartwarming story that proves the fact that feral cats can be domesticated with patience, understanding, and lots of love.

How did Romeo come into your life?

He was sleeping out on this guy’s porch. The man made a NextDoor post asking for help. There was at least 4-6” of snow on the ground.

Those are back when I thought he would find an adơрter. Everyone had joked all along he was mine. I was likе no, absolutely not. But then I turned down the few that applied. 

How did Romeo get his name?

He was trapped on January 30th and had such a sweet-looking face and he never once hissed at us. Due to his demeanor and Valentine’s Day coming up we called him Romeo.

Can you tell me about his nicknames?

We refer to him as the “Trash Polar Bear” or “Garbage Bear.” Romeo was feral and he is a bit rough around the edges. He’ll eat pretty much anything, fight anyone, and is an excellent exterminator of bugs. My daughter would say he looked likе a big polar bear. Then she nicknamed him Garbage Polar Bear when we watched him destroy his entire room in less than five minutes trying to kiII a fly once. He has no spatial awareness, he’ll knock over everything in his path likе Godzilla.

What is his personality likе?

Romeo has SO much personality. I’ve watched it transform from a terrified feral cat into a confident, ornery boy who will smack me with no remorse if I stop petting him too soon. It’s hard to explain but Romeo is a funny cat, his personality is just silly sometimes. He is very loving and has an awesome purr, and I adore his meows and chatter.

What are his favorite hobbies?

Torturing his frenemies and spending time with his mom. He spends a good bit of time playing underneath doors and taunting his housemates. Besides that, he loves to spend time with me, playing with his electronic butterfly, as well as his string-stick toy. There is a variety of beds and soft furniture available to him but those are not his preference. He loves to lay around stretched out on hard surfaces such as dressers, tables, or countertops.

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