Qưimеra Is A Chimеra Kittеn With A PưrrfесtIy Twơ-Tơnеd Faсе

Two-faced cats are uncommon, and Venus is one of the most well-known felines with a purrfectly two-toned face.

However, we’d likе to introduce you to a new two-face in town in this piece. And we’re confident you can’t get enough of this feline.

Credit: Instagram/ gataquimera

Meet Quimera, a stunning Argentine cat with a face that is divided into two colours, including her eyes. Her unique looks, unsurprisingly, are fast stealing the hearts of the internet.

Credit: Instagram/ gataquimera
Credit: Instagram/ gataquimera

Quimera’s face is split into two equal halves. She has an orange tabby with a gold eye on one side of her face. She’s a black cat with a piercing blue eye on the other hand.

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